I press repeat.

I would choose you over and over.

My heart would be yours to break again and again and again, and I would still patch it up and hand it back to you. Let me tell you, it hurts every time.

I would get dolled up, paint my face, and wear high heels. I would pucker up and bat my eyes. I would laugh in your ear right before I kiss it. I would love you in all the ways you want me to, even if I knew you would break me in the end.

Because you always break me in the end.

It’s a demented cycle that tears my heart and spins it back together. As long as you’re willing to play, I will let my love be your game.

But I wouldn’t do this for you.

I would go through this hell just to be able to kiss your lips and touch your skin. My want for you burns more brightly than my want for this toying to end. I will be your constant mouse if you will be my forever cat.

It’s Hell, but at least it’s with you.

The fire barely burns.


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