Voice in The Dark

Your soul calls to mine like a lost friend. I wade in eternity to find you, but somehow it all falls from my hands.

You are the ghost of my past, present, and future. But only ever a ghost. Never a reality, though my soul so craves it, just as it hears yours calling to it.

As though bound in chains, it struggles and wails at the top of its lungs. It stretches itself until it is nothing but a thin line, weak and almost immobile. Every time it curls back into itself it knows it will never give up, and once again, it plunges against the binds and tries with all its might to find you somewhere in the darkness.

Wherever you go, no matter how far away, I will never stop trying. I just hope you’re calling for me, too.
Maybe if our voices collide there will an explosion like an atom bomb, and our souls will be able to finally, connect.

Until then, I will scream my throat raw and voice hoarse.
Somewhere, somehow, I will reach you.


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