You haven sunken so deeply into my quicksand form that in the next life, my eyes will reach you (they have to reach you) and my soul will beam at the memory.

“Love at first sight” is what they call this, never knowing it was from a past life they have once loved. Began to love.

I’ve read somewhere in a book that told me once Enlightenment has been reached, with the destruction of all things unreal (everything that comes from the mind, including the mind), that only then will Karma be fulfilled and you have then earned your place in heaven.

If that’s true, I hope my desire for you will never end and that I am reborn again and again, with the luck and misfortune of loving you in each life.

This cycle, birth and death, will always be worth it if I get to spend each with you.

You are my beginning, and my end.


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