I see the life in your face, and I can see how tired it’s made you.
I can also see that you’re still trying. Those crinkles around your eyes show how many smiles you’ve given, and those are my favorite things about you.

Try to stay with me, and hold my hand like you used to hold your friends while walking down the street (your mother always wanted you safe). Find the innocence you think you’ve lost and try to laugh without the cynicism of life dripping from each breath.

Anger is a friend you’ve grown fond of and I hope you can learn to let that go. I can see how much it weighs on you, and I can see the discontentment it plants under your skin.

I don’t want to be one of the people who hurts you. So please forgive me for my hesitation to show a soft affection – it would devastate me if I had to take it away (I’m so used to taking it away).

I only wish you the best, and I don’t want to end up the cause of another crack.
I don’t want to see you break.

I never want to hurt anyone.
Least of all you.


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