Our Politics

I think maybe if we weren’t so angry all the time, from the media, from the news, from the stories that may or may not even be true, we might not be so ready to pounce down someone else’s throat.

I want to shut off the electricity and just be with what life is going on right here, right now. Not because I don’t want to see it, not because I want to pretend it doesn’t exist; but so that maybe we can stop being so angry at all the misfortune and communicate, face-to-face, how we all feel. Without the protection of the screen, of the distance, of the “ignore” or “block” button.
I don’t want any screens to tell me how someone may or may not be feeling. What may or may not be going on.
I want you, right there, telling me what’s going on and how you feel. And I want to feel with you.
I want to spread everything important with my mouth, using facts and real people to get the points across.
Because it’s so easy to turn away. It’s easy to believe everything and nothing.
The personal truth is what I want to hear.
Let me feel with you.

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