The Dark is Not Bad

Maybe I never thought about it
Maybe when I cradled his heart in my hands
Like glass as though afraid to break it
He did not understand that no, I didn’t think
it was so breakable
Maybe he couldn’t understand that’s how
I wanted mine to be protected loved
Maybe to him, I did not love the way he thought
he should be protected loved;
It wasn’t because I thought you were so
fragile, easily breakable, thin-living;
It was because even if your heart was stone,
marble, concrete, wood
I still wanted to treat it as though fragile
because to me, it was always precious
It is not my turn to apologize
for the way I protect love
It is just my turn to find someone
who knows what I mean when I tell them:
“You are protected” enough
Because I finally want to be enough


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