She Is Love

She tastes like rain after you’ve been living in the desert. Her skin like silk and you’ve never felt anything so soft.
When you kiss her, you’ve never tasted anything so sweet and you know you’d never crave anything else like it. Her hair hangs like waterfalls around her and you envy when the locks graze her face.
The beating in your chest stutters before it races when your eyes find her, and you can feel your body begin to warm. It rises like the tide just before it sweeps over you and carries you away. Stuck in it’s currents and you’ve never known how a love could feel.
Though it was never a goal or a thought, she taught you what it was to breathe. You didn’t know you only saw gray until you saw the vibrant colors she brought with her.
And when you hold her, you don’t know how you lived before her. You never knew how soft your heart could be.
She makes you whole, and you never even knew you weren’t complete.

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