Different Perspectives

My soul cries out for more than my heart can give. There’s something in me that aches for more than what I can give, and I’m always looking to relieve it somehow.
Some part of me wants a love I’m incapable of giving – something so wide and vast that it would make mountains dwindle in comparison. My soul, as fervid as possible and completely fearless, is too tremendous for my soft heart. My heart, that only wants a kind love and compassionate place in this life, does not call out for more than it knows it can take.
An ocean is a drop of water for my soul, but to my heart it is insurmountable.
Always aching for more, yet the valves shut off too quickly. Both empty and overwhelmed and it’s a scale that is never static.
Everything in me clashes against itself and I am just a battleground while a war is waged between too much and not enough; and if I tear myself into anymore pieces I will be too small and I will be too great.

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