I like octopuses.
I pick up books, just to put them down.
Music is constantly playing because the silence scares me.
I want to get better at the same time I’m scared of it.
Leaving the house, my cubicle, my car, my seat, scares me.
I’m scared of a lot.
I think that’s part of why I like to do nothing.
The “c” word doesn’t hurt to think about anymore, and I’m not really ashamed of it.
In the back of my mind I still want it, I still hope for it.
Cinnamon is one of my favorite scents.
I’m always too much or too little.
Right now I’m too little.
I listen to country love songs more than I don’t.
I want to live is a small, pastel yellow house with either blue or white panes.
I daydream about warm wind and beautiful sunsets.
I still plan for the future.
I still want a future.
But I am still scared of it.

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