End of the World

We were beating against the glass, nothing but our own skin breaking. Our white clothes were sprayed with red and I could barely see you from the other side.

The glass was as thick as time and nothing but our hearts breaking could penetrate through, for me to reach you.

My screams were the only sound I could hear around me, and your face was becoming more and more hidden behind the darkening red blur we had created. In the desperation we stopped seeing one another.

Our hands were pressed on either side, lined up and matching. Blood mixed with tears and you looked like the saddest nightmare.

I could feel my breakable heart tremor in my chest and I could feel it start to crack. I found you through the dark and in your eyes I could see the world end.

The barrier was gone and we stood in silence, glass on the floor. You took the first step. Your shoulder didn’t even brush me and I didn’t watch your back as you left.

The air was still warm where you stood but all I could feel was cold.


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