Late Night

“It’s a shame we’re not talking anymore.” 

The glow from my phone lights up the dark room and I ignore the flutter in my chest.

I know.

“Because I miss you.”

My fingers hover over the keys. Of course I miss you too. Of course.

Do you?

“So much it aches.”

But it didn’t last for a reason. I feel the tightness in my chest and a lump form in my throat.

Then it really is a shame we’re not talking anymore.

The words didn’t come for a while, they usually stopped after I wouldn’t cave in. I felt a tinge of regret and rejection and hated myself for the way it hurt.

“I did love you. I’m sorry I couldn’t show it.”

My fingers wrapped themselves tightly around my phone and my eyes tried so hard to keep the tears in. So good at saying the right things, but so good at saying them too late. Always too late.

I know.


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